Core Values (コアバリュー)

Quality (クオリティ)
We creatively and innovatively strive to perform at an excellent level in everything we do. We are reliable through sustainable development in meeting our customers’ growing needs with added value.

Honesty & Integrity (誠心誠意)
We are truthful and our actions are consistent with our words to uphold the building of trustworthiness and mutually beneficial relationships internally and externally that stand the test of circumstances and time.

Respect & Loyalty Dignity (信義誠実)
We demonstrate respect for and appropriate loyalty towards our customers, suppliers, environment, colleagues and all other stakeholders.

Unity & Harmony (団結と調和)
We achieve goals in unison as a family supporting each other and having positive mind all the time.

Commitment to Safety (安全へのこだわり)
We foster culture of safety through training and awareness as we invest proactively in safe solutions making everyone accountable for safety.

Vision Statement (ビジョン)

Be a recognized leader in the electronics, automotive, and motorbike global supply chain network characterized with excellent quality level, process and cost efficiency, technology innovation, and delivery while keeping the outstanding value for our customers and excellent opportunities for our employees.


Mission Statement (使命)

In line with Core Values and Vision, SKPI Mission is to be the leading manufacturing of precision metal stamped form parts, assembly units of assembled parts and components, bended tube parts and fabricated tool & die for electronic machinery, office automation equipment, automotive and motorcycle parts and other precision equipment that will provide the highest level of quality product value and customer satisfaction through effective, efficient and innovative controls, minimization of costs, and appropriate utilization of resources.


This will be achieved by:

  • The continued development of SKPI workforce capabilities through innovation and advanced technology
  • Involvement of employees in the quality improvement process
  • Speed in action, responsive and cost-effective work execution
  • A focus on long term relationships with our customers in recognition of their needs and expectations
  • SKPI knowledge, experience, core expertise, professionalism, and pursuit of excellence
  • The implementation of proactive action plans and risk management controls in order to achieve strategic and operational objectives to reach agreed measures of success

This mission statement provides the direction for SKPI and will be reviewed for relevance and currency.

Philosophy (企業理念)

Global Innovation Company

Focus and value on customer, quality, cost, delivery, and safety

Commitment to continual improvement

Speed in action and response

Mutual trust and responsibility

Be positive all the time